BUIDL-Weekly: 11JUL22 - 17JUL22

Dev Update

BUIDL-Weekly: 11JUL22 - 17JUL22

Welcome to another weekly wrap-up, Spartans! Thanks to all the community contributors and friends who helped Buidl, promote and support during the week! Read on for the update

BUIDL-Weekly: 11JUL22 - 17JUL22

Presearch Advertising

Our Presearch keyword staking campaign began this week. Users of the Presearch distributed search engine have had a link ad for the Spartan Protocol website showing up in search results relevant to ~100-200 keywords.

Community Tweet

As DnJoey alluded to here, Spartan Protocol as an AMM is agnostic to market conditions. It requires no funding or ongoing maintenance to operate, always providing a method for swappers to trade BEP20 assets on BNBChain.

If the token price decreases, the pools and therefore LP tokens in the reserve absorb more of the SPARTA token circulating supply, helping counter-balance any negative market sentiment.

Community Tweet

Check out Ronni's Tweet thread from this week for a quick explainer (and visual experience 🤯) on Spartan Protocol's features and approach on BNBChain.

BSCDaily Mentions

Twitter account providing BNBChain daily news

BSC News Mentions

Twitter account providing BNBChain & DeFi news, features & analysis

WhaleStats Mentions

Whalestats track up to 4000 of the largest BNB Chain wallets (the "whales") and provide some helpful metrics and data for users.

CoinMarketLeague Charts

Don't forget to vote for SPARTA each week, Spartans!

Weekly Community Call / Hangout

Don't forget to tune into the Telegram channel each week with @ReidyPhillip to get updates on the project and broader ecosystem. Join in the discussion with any ideas and questions!

Hosted every Wednesday but subject to change based on community feedback and availability. When the time is confirmed each week, we will do our best to share a reminder on the socials, but this can be difficult because of the distributed nature of the project and organisers.

Weekly LearnToEarn Quiz

Congratulations to the winners of the weekly Spartan Protocol LearnToEarn quiz.

There is a new #LearnToEarn quiz up and live for Spartans keen to learn and win some SPARTA in the process!

Don't forget to ask on the socials if you are not sure! The community is there to help and these quizzes are all about learning!

SpartAnalytics Report

Our community collates the public Spartan Protocol data into a PDF report each month covering Google Search (impressions, clicks, devices, keywords & geographical) & Twitter analytics. You can find the full June report here.

Community DApp

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2

Front-end: https://dapp.spartanprotocol.org/


  • Remove any unneeded or incompatible tags/props throughout all SVGs used in the DApp
  • Fixed compatibility issue of favicon
  • Fixed compatibility issue of language alert
  • Fixed incorrect conditional 'button' role for pool table header item

To do:

Protocol Site

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartan-site

Front-end: https://spartanprotocol.org/


  • Added react-intersection-observer dep to handle detection of an element being 'in view'
  • Added animations to team section and make use of 'in view' detection for animation triggers
  • Improved team section styling
  • Updated animations throughout site

To do:

Protocol API

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartan-api

Front-end: https://api.spartanprotocol.org/api/v1/pools

To do:

Protocol Subgraph

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartan-subgraph

Front-end: https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/spartan-protocol/pool-factory

Protocol Contracts V3

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartan-contracts

To do:

  • Draft up general pool structure

Protocol Resources

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/resources

Protocol Docs

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartan-docs

To do:

Protocol Contracts V1 - V2

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartanswap-contracts

Ecosystem Project: SpartanSwap

SpartanSwap is just a placeholder for now, but it is a separate project with the intention of building an alternative frontend for users to interact with the Spartan Protocol pools. With a focus on swap functionality to start with and longer-term plans to iterate towards becoming a swap aggregator for BNBChain and potentially multi-chain after that

SpartanSwap Contracts

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Spartan-Swap/SpartanSwapContracts

SpartanSwap DApp

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Spartan-Swap/SpartanSwapDApp

SpartanSwap Resources

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Spartan-Swap/SpartanSwapResources

Ecosystem Project: SpartanArena

SpartanArena is another separate project with a focus on creating subprojects that lean more towards 'gaming'. Some ideas in the works for the future may include an NFT looter game, lottery and a prediction/parimutuel game

SpartanArena Contracts

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/SpartanArena/SpartanArenaContracts

SpartanArena DApp

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/SpartanArena/SpartanArenaDApp

SpartanArena Resources

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/SpartanArena/SpartanArenaResources

Ecosystem Project: SpartanToolkit

Spartan Toolkit is an ecosystem project spawned from the Spartan protocol community aiming to improve tooling for projects and users within the BNBChain ecosystem includingBeacon, Smart & BAS chains.

Web3BNB Library

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Spartan-Toolkit/web3-bnb

A React library with the intention of providing builders with a plug-and-play solution for any web3 wallet compatible with BNB ecosystem chains (Beacon, Smart, BAS etc)

  • Placeholder repo set up
  • Begun building out simple version of Web3BNB (currently this progress is in the BNB Beacon Chain Toolkit repo, to be ported over to this repo once there is something more complete)

BNB Beacon Chain Toolkit DApp

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Spartan-Toolkit/beacon-chain-tools-dapp

A tooling user-interface for users + projects on BNB Beacon Chain. Batch-send, freeze/unfreeze, deploy BEP2 token etc without touching command-line!

  • Placeholder repo set up
  • Setup initial structure of the DApp, after wallet functionality is more complete, the first feature will be mulisend / batch-transfer

BNB Smart Chain Toolkit DApp

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Spartan-Toolkit/beacon-chain-tools-dapp

A tooling and informational user-interface for users + projects on BNB Smart Chain

  • Placeholder repo set up

Project Information

Community Contribution

Spartan Protocol is at its core a community-built and run project. In this vein, the more contributors, the better. There is a great opportunity for community members to contribute. Please reach out in the community channels if you are interested.

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