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SpartanDev: 15NOV21 - 21NOV21

Another busy week of building from the Spartan Protocol community with the Positions page, SynthVault incentives, BUSD Bond-listing & charts of metrics all going live
Dev Update
8 min read

SpartanDev: 08NOV21 - 14NOV21

Last week went by in a flash... faster than a Flash Bond! The DAO saw a cancelled ETH proposal and a promising BUSD one, meanwhile, Synths were enabled to be Forged finally on V2 marking a very large milestone for this community project!
Dev Update
11 min read

SpartanDev: 01NOV21 - 07NOV21

Spartans! Welcome to November! New Immunefi partnership, 1st Bond allocation, new pools & much more! Read up
Dev Update
10 min read

SpartanDev: 25OCT - 31OCT21

Another week of solid contributions from the Spartan community! Increased pool revenue, diversified Reserve, Bond allocation imminent, new security partner? Read up!
Dev Update
10 min read

SpartanDev: 18OCT - 24OCT21

The DAO is live with our first proposal successfully completed! We now focus on Dividend & Reserve logic whilst moving towards our 1st V2 Bond allocation
Dev Update
10 min read

SpartanDev: 11OCT - 17OCT21

Spartan Protocol's 2nd week of mainnet V2 is now wrapped up. The DAO is prepared for its next phase to begin, get ready for proposals.
Dev Update
10 min read

SpartanDev: 04OCT21 - 10OCT21

Happy October! Spartan Protocol V2 just had its first week on mainnet & the first phase is going well! Read about it in the latest update
Dev Update
9 min read

Spartan Protocol V2 Official Mainnet Launch

Spartan Protocol V2 is now live on mainnet! Spartans, assemble! Prepare to re-join the shield wall stronger than ever!
5 min read

SpartanDev: 27SEP-03OCT21

Mainnet is ready to be launched Spartans! Prepare yourselves for the 5th of October @ 2.00AM (GMT)!
Dev Update
9 min read

SpartanDev: 20SEP21 - 26SEP21

Public testnet is live & ready to go. Jump into the DApp and help with the final stage before mainnet v2!
Dev Update
12 min read

Helping With Testnet

Help contribute to the Spartan Protocol V2 public testnet. We all must help balance the pools and arb our way to glory!
Guide, General
8 min read

SpartanDev: 13SEP21 - 19SEP21

Private testnet testing almost at completion, preparing for public testnet. The C4 contest's audit report has gone public.
Dev Update
16 min read