BUIDL-Weekly: 18MAR24 - 24MAR24

Dev Update

BUIDL-Weekly: 18MAR24 - 24MAR24

Welcome to another weekly wrap-up, Spartans! Thanks to all the community contributors and friends who helped Buidl, promote and support during the week! Read on for the update

BUIDL-Weekly: 18MAR24 - 24MAR24

BNB Liquidity Caps

The BNB pool liquidity caps have raised yet again, this time to 22,000,000 SPARTA to make room for more liquidity

Community DApp

‌GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartanprotocol-dappv2

Front-end: https://dapp.spartanprotocol.org/

Updated deps

  • Bump webpack-dev-middleware from 5.3.3 to 5.3.4

‌Protocol Contracts V3

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/spartan-protocol/spartan-contracts

‌SpartAnalytics Report

Our community creates a monthly PDF report that includes an overview of Spartan Protocol data from Google Search (impressions, clicks, devices, keywords, and geographical data) and Twitter analytics.

‌Established Projects

‌Ecosystem Projects

Protocol Information