SpartanDEV: 10JAN22 - 16JAN22

Dev Update

SpartanDEV: 10JAN22 - 16JAN22

Read about the weekly news from the Spartan ecosystem. Featuring new integrations, DApp features & new projects including an API & new documentation.

SpartanDEV: 10JAN22 - 16JAN22


Fairly big week for the Spartan ecosystem with a range of new and improved items:

  • Integration with DefiLlama
  • DaoVault metrics update in DApp
  • CoinMarketLeague 2nd place
  • #FridayFor300 quiz update
  • New Spartan API delivered in full
  • New Spartan documentation project in full swing
  • New Spartan site/landing page making some steady progress

Read on Spartans:

DefiLlama - New Protocol Integration

The cogs keep turning and pulling in more connections each week as various community contributors work with all the DEX tools out there to get Spartan Protocol integrated. This week saw a few new integrations come about, with the DefiLlama one being a complete & accurate attempt first go. Big thanks to the team over there for being so helpful & driving that open-source #Buidl mentality we love so much!

DaoVault Metrics - DApp Update

There was a number of code contributions throughout the week, but one of the front-facing updates shared was to do with the DaoVault in the DApp. Previously you were not able to see your percentage of the total DaoVault weight that you represent, so a percentage has now been added next to your weight. A 'last harvest' time row has also been added so you can roughly gauge how much SPARTA you are earning per day or week or month etc.

CoinMarketLeague - 2nd Place

Well done Spartans, we made the top 10 in a few CoinMarketLeague charts this week again, the token icon & name have also been requested to be updated to be the V2 icon, this should be fixed by next week.

Only takes a handful of people voting each week to be in the running for this sort of thing, if you want to help try to make a weekly vote a part of your routine:

Coinmarketleague - Vote for your favourite coin!

#FridayFor300 Quiz Results

Congratulations to the Spartan winners drawn for the quiz:

How much of the initial SPARTA token distribution was dispersed via team allocations?

The answer of course was ZERO! Let this act as a reminder that Spartan Protocol was one of the only true #FairLaunch projects out there with not a single SPARTA minting into existence and being used to raise funds for any contributor/individual/team/project. 100% community allocation!

New #FridayFor300 Quiz

The new quiz then kicked off with a security-focused question:

Name a security feature used by Spartan Protocol

This quiz is currently open and will remain open until ~Thursday so feel free to jump on & answer the question to be in the running for a SPARTA prize!


Our community collates the public Spartan Protocol data into a PDF report each month covering Google Search (impressions, clicks, devices, keywords & geographical) & Twitter analytics. You can find the full December report here.

GitHub Activity - Spartan <> Bram NFTs

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-nfts-bram-01: 🎭 Spartan Protocol NFTS 01: the Bram Vanhaeren Collection (
🎭 Spartan Protocol NFTS 01: the Bram Vanhaeren Collection ( - GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-nfts-bram-01: 🎭 Spartan Protocol NFTS 01: the Bram Vanhaeren Collec...

Completed, all that remains is distribution! Please be patient and allow the contributors time to work out how these NFTs will be distributed. In the meantime please check out Bram on Twitter and show your support!

To Do:

  • Plan & distribute the NFTs

GitHub Activity - Spartan UI Library

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library: ⚙ Spartan Protocol Community UI Components
⚙ Spartan Protocol Community UI Components. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library development by creating an account on GitHub.

This component library has taken a bit of a back seat for now with a focus on cleaning up the existing DApp repo instead of rushing this one. Contributors can come back to this & work towards the initial plan of making it a whole component UI library (for all community DApps, not just the current one) instead of the in-between phase that it was becoming (the partial work will shift from here to a branch on the DApp repo soon for the DApp-refresh phase to continue)

Hence the below to-do list is now pointing towards what was previously meant to be the 'next stage':

To Do:

Create UI Library #00 · Issue #4 · spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library
Phase 01 - Build Basic Library: #1 #3 #2

🆕GitHub Activity - Spartan Docs🆕

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-docs: 📑 Spartan Protocol Community Documentation
📑 Spartan Protocol Community Documentation. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-docs development by creating an account on GitHub.

This week we finally began the process of moving our documentation workflow/repo over to GitHub from GitBook. We have scaled past GitBook now and it is, unfortunately, serving as a bit of a roadblock for casual contributors who want to contribute to the documentation.

After spending a few days assessing the best way to handle the docs from now on, it was settled to use a GitHub repo to store all docs + content (instead of a CMS) which is magnificent in a lot of ways (transparency, accessibility, ability to report on progress in here each week, ability for anyone to randomly report a spelling mistake and/or fix it themselves) but is not without its drawbacks.

The main drawback is that we now don't have a fancy 'visual editor' for contributors to use with a toolbar for all the 'sections' and text styles etc. An overall NET positive though as the most important thing is getting the content into the docs, we have contributors who are more than happy to style/pretty up the content once it's in there. Plus you can edit the doc files directly inside GitHub in your browser using markdown & their in-browser edit window is great 👍

You can track the progress as merge into the main branch so far here


  • Setup entire new Docs structure with placeholder content
  • Write up an initial 'Introduction' section briefly covering the important stuff
  • Write up an initial 'Getting Started' section covering the important next steps, tools and things like wallets to get setup before continuing
  • Begin a templated section for the 'Liquidity' portion of the protocol going into more detail from an end-user perspective about the nuances of Providing Liquidity & start linking in guides where they make sense
  • Setup a 'Developers' placeholder section (more technical/integration style content to go here, no end-user stuff unless they want to get into the reeds)
  • Setup a 'Contributors' placeholder section for the Spartans who want to contribute in some way, will gradually pad this out with guides for each way anyone can contribute

To Do:

Need help with every section ranging from grammar/spelling to copy-content creation, to graphics, to structure, to video versions of the text guides (these would be great under each relevant section, to text guides and so on:

Issues · spartan-protocol/spartan-docs
📑 Spartan Protocol Community Documentation. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-docs development by creating an account on GitHub.

GitHub Activity - Spartan DApp

GitHub - spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2: 📱 Spartan Protocol Community DApp
📱 Spartan Protocol Community DApp. Contribute to spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

Open Source Woes

We unfortunately had our deploy workflow affected by the 'colors/workflow Marak sabotage' for a few days during the week which caused some headaches, but obviously no damage to our actual live/deployed code. Most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but the events are a good reminder to look after & emotionally support your open source coding warriors!

They are out there fighting the good fight & we need to support them and be there for them to ensure they keep on fighting for good & are not pushed to make a a moral slip-up. Open source libraries & parcels of code are inside everything we use on a daily basis including alot of closed-source software, if we lose our open source warriors, we lose our hope for the future, be strong Spartans!

Wallet Select

One of our new partners, ONTO wallet, has been added to our list of specifically selectable wallet options in the wallet selection screen. If you visit the DApp via ONTO wallet's DApp browser your wallet will automatically connect without you needing to select it however.

Swap Page

We have changed the default tab selected on the swap screen to be 'Tokens' so that LP tokens do not show up by default. This wasn't something particularly requested but rather a personal contributor choice based on the amount of listed tokens increasing and the LP tokens only really serving to be in the way for most users. Anyone specifically wanting to swap LP tokens knows where to go so this isn't an issue for them.

Synth View Page

Cleared up some labels & tooltips to make assessing the Synths a little easier for the end user. 'Collateral' has now been changed to 'unrealised' as that misleading label scared a few people into thinking synths were undercollateralised (remember, synths can never be undercollateralised no matter how the market moves). Also the dynamic/soft cap & the hard caps both got a little explainer within the tooltips to make things a bit easier to understand.

Synth Positions

Synth positions got a little shake up this week with changing over the 'vs SPARTA' scope to 'vs Units' so that you can get a general idea of how much better off you are having minted for instance BNBs vs holding BNB. You will be able to see essentially the yield you have earned in dollars at the time it was compounded & also what those $ are currently worth in token units right now.

Swap Page

We also brought over a feature from the Liquidity page to the Swap page where we let you know if there has not been a swap in the pool for at least 7 days.

DaoVault Changes

As touched on breifly in the Twitter timeline up the top of this article, some frequently-request changes were made in the DaoVault page to help with people managing and assessing their DaoVault positions & DAO weights. We now can see our individual weight percentage vs the total DaoVault (individual influence on proposals) & also see when we last harvested.

To Do:

CHART/METRICS | Add ‘total LP units’ metric · Issue #698 · spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2
Let’s track and visually show the change in LP units both at the global level and pool level This will be a cool indicator to track general LP velocity

GitHub Activity - Spartan Subgraph

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-subgraph: 🏃‍♀️ Spartan Protocol Subgraph
🏃‍♀️ Spartan Protocol Subgraph. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-subgraph development by creating an account on GitHub.

Some more changes were made to the Subgraph this week to ensure we have data ready to help us track some other cool metrics in the near future.


  • Total LP units (Global, current)
  • Total LP units (By pool, by day)
  • Total LP units (Global, by day)
  • Sync SPARTA balance using an RPC call (once per day)

GitHub Activity - Spartan Resources

GitHub - spartan-protocol/resources: 🎨 Spartan Protocol Branding & Resources
🎨 Spartan Protocol Branding & Resources. Contribute to spartan-protocol/resources development by creating an account on GitHub.

During the week, the SecondLive promo graphics were uploaded to this repo.

GitHub Activity - Spartan Site

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-site: 🕸 Spartan Protocol Community Website
🕸 Spartan Protocol Community Website. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-site development by creating an account on GitHub.

Started fresh with this branch this week and went mobile-first instead, as per how we usually code up websites and DApps. Also took the opportunity to use CSS grid to structure it instead of flex.

We now have most of the content structured and in the website on mobile devices except for the DAO hero section (content not created for this yet) and the features bars between each hero. So hopefully this week we see the mobile version ready at its first draft stage ready to then move up to the next screen size from there the following week. After that we will likely see the desktop version worked on, then a review phase for each screen size, some changes and then the first live phase for the new landing page/website.

To Do:

Build new landing page (one-pager) · Issue #70 · spartan-protocol/spartan-site
Phase 01: Create new branch for this phase Select a headless CMS Build header, footer and nav Create a templated section (hero -&gt; features -&gt; CTA?) Use templated section for each feature of t...

GitHub Activity - Spartan Arena Contracts

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-arena-contracts: ⚔ Spartan Arena Contracts
⚔ Spartan Arena Contracts. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-arena-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.

No public Github activity on the NFT/Gaming contracts this week.

GitHub Activity - Spartan API

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-api: 👩‍💻 Spartan Protocol Simple Headless API
👩‍💻 Spartan Protocol Simple Headless API. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-api development by creating an account on GitHub.

Massive progress with the API this week, some work was expected, but the whole phase ended up getting merged in, completed and deployed! Even the API documentation was completed.

Updated endpoints:

  • Overall supply: removed DAO balance call (this was only relevant to Bond)
  • Circulating supply: removed DAO balance call (this was only relevant to Bond)
  • Total supply: removed DAO & RESERVE balance calls (these were only relevant to Bond)

Added endpoints:

  • An array of every pool's data as required for CoinGecko/CMC exchange listing
  • Individual pool data as required for CoinGecko/CMC exchange listing
  • Protocol TVL in SPARTA
  • Protocol TVL in USD

To Do:

Error Handling | Extend & improve · Issue #4 · spartan-protocol/spartan-api
Let&#39;s make sure we think of things from all angles and ensure every call gets a valid response even if something fails (use the 400s and 500s + unique error messages with returns throughout) As...
Change the TVL endpoint for DefiStation to number (not string) · Issue #5 · spartan-protocol/spartan-api
DefiStation need a number formatted endpoint instead of a BN -&gt; string, change the endpoint that they are plugged into (it isn&#39;t a BN, it is already converted to units, so the rounding isn&#...

GitHub Activity - Spartan Contracts

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartanswap-contracts: 📃 Spartan Protocol Smart Contracts
📃 Spartan Protocol Smart Contracts. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartanswap-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.

No public Github activity on the DeFi contracts this week.

Project Information

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  • DApp:
  • Documentation:
  • GitHub:

Community Contribution

Spartan Protocol is at its core, a community-driven and led project. In this vein, the more contributors the better. There is a great opportunity for community members to contribute by making LP reward analysis tools, etc.

Recently, community members have been graciously funnelling in to contribute to explainer articles, ideas and even $SPARTA donations to support the growth of the platform.‌

Engage with the community and contributors

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