SpartanDEV: 17JAN22 - 23JAN22

Dev Update

SpartanDEV: 17JAN22 - 23JAN22

Read up on the events of the week with the new docs making major progress, raised caps for the $AVA pool, a massive physical NFT drum giveaway, and much more.

SpartanDEV: 17JAN22 - 23JAN22


It's weeks like these that community and BUIDL really show through when it's a core principle. It has been heartwarming to see the community band together and check in on each other during a rough week like true warriors.

Don't forget that sometimes turning off your screens and getting into the green wilderness is just as good as any trading scenario. Also, don't forget Spartans didn't band together to build the protocol for a short term gain, low time preference/dependence is another core principle not only within the community but in life in general for believers of the more open and decentralised world we are all working to build for our future generations.

Some highlights for the week:

  • Raised caps for the $AVA pool!
  • Top token contract activity (SPARTA token utility)
  • #FridayFor300 Quizzes (Security features)
  • Physical NFT drum giveaway
  • On the CoinMarketLeague leaderboard again
  • Community education reminder

Onwards. Aroo, Aroo, Aroo!!!!

Raised Caps for $AVA:$SPARTA

The pool for Travala's token ($AVA) reached its liquidity caps during the week showing demand for some more room for liquidity providers in that pool. The pools were assessed following the community signalling support for #OpenTheGates on Twitter. Whilst the community were asking for the gates to be opened before the caps were even reached, by the time the pool was assessed it was much closer to its cap and therefore raised by 150K $SPARTA.

WhaleStats - A Reminder About $SPARTA Utility

There was some increased $SPARTA token activity within 'whale' wallets (top 1,000 non-contract wallets on BSC) this week. It is surprising (as a first reaction) to see $SPARTA flipping $CAKE for a while there as the #1 token activity on BSC despite the $SPARTA token being involved in less 'high velocity' products like prediction markets/gambling.

But then you stop to think and remember, this is due to the $SPARTA token being paired inside every Spartan pool (common settlement asset) which means it is being used as the rail to swap every token through the pools, whereas the typical AMMs & forks of UniSwap only really use their native token in other side-products (not their pools by default) or most commonly in forms of 'staking' where the tokens don't actually get used for any utility, they just get locked in a contract and don't get used (hence token activity is low, which is kind of the intended result of getting people to stake 🙃)

Remember Spartans, the $SPARTA token isn't a side-thought or cash-grab, its sole purpose is to provide utility for every person swapping in the pools. Without SPARTA, we don't have the core part of the protocol (the AMM / pools). This is powerful. Everything else that gets built around that involving $SPARTA is just bonus gravy on top of that sole, very important reason for its existence.

#FridayFor300 Quiz Results

Congratulations to the Spartan winners drawn for the quiz:

Name a security feature used by Spartan Protocol?

There are a lot of answers to this question, especially with the V2 launch. Some good answers included:

  • The 'Global Freeze' feature - if there is a large change in a pool's internally derived price of an asset (current price of an asset is far from its time-weighted-average 'TWAP') the value-extraction features of the protocol are locked down until either the imbalance is fixed or TWAP has time to catch up to the current market price. This makes utilizing a flash-loan combined with an attack much riskier for the bad peer (they are pushed to put real assets on the line for a period of time instead of in-out within the same block) Read up more on this feature here.
  • The C4 contest (Code 4rena) - the community raised funds for a whitehat bounty contest to have the Spartan Protocol contracts audited during the V2 build process.
  • Liquidity caps - there are caps in place to prevent a large sudden increase in liquidity locked up in the pools. This allows for a pool's increase to be more natural and makes it hard for an attacker to use a flash loan to increase any proposed attack, also increasing their risk/difficulty in the process.
  • Synth caps - similar to the liquidity caps, the automated Synth caps ensure increased distribution of the token (not only good for security; also in general 'fair' nature) and ensure no-one can forge a large percentage of Synths during some kind of an elaborate attack. These caps serve many more purposes than just security though!
  • Many more! If you have one you want more information on, please reach out in the community for a discussion on whatever topic or feature you have in mind!

New #FridayFor300 Quiz

The new quiz then kicked off with a new topic involving DAO proposals:

What does the DAO proposal ADD_CURATED_POOL do?

This quiz is currently open and will remain open until ~Thursday so feel free to jump on & answer the question to be in the running for a SPARTA prize!

Physical NFT Drum Giveaway

Our in-house chair-hater @ReidyPhillip (aka Thespis) & community rallying powerhouse has gone ahead and had a unique handmade drum made to give away to a lucky Spartan community member! Follow the link in the tweet to get involved.

Some creativity & fun is recommended here in answering the tasks/questions, this drum is a massive prize and a huge symbol of Spartan pride & devotion. Show your alignment with Spartan Protocol by telling us what you love about it!


Spartan Protocol made the charts again this week on CML, and as you can see the SPARTA icon and project name have been updated which looks much better!

Only takes a handful of people voting each week to be in the running for this sort of thing, if you want to help, try to make a weekly vote a part of your routine:

Coinmarketleague - Vote for your favourite coin!

Community Education

Every week we see our warriors out there educating and fighting the good fight. Important to remember the foundations of the project and help educate others as we go. Our community lives and breathes to help new Spartans find their path!


Our community collates the public Spartan Protocol data into a PDF report each month covering Google Search (impressions, clicks, devices, keywords & geographical) & Twitter analytics. You can find the full December report here.

GitHub Activity - Spartan <> Bram NFTs

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-nfts-bram-01: 🎭 Spartan Protocol NFTS 01: the Bram Vanhaeren Collection (
🎭 Spartan Protocol NFTS 01: the Bram Vanhaeren Collection ( - GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-nfts-bram-01: 🎭 Spartan Protocol NFTS 01: the Bram Vanhaeren Collec...

Completed, all that remains is distribution! Please be patient and allow the contributors time to work out how these NFTs will be distributed. In the meantime please check out Bram on Twitter and show your support!

To Do:

  • Plan & distribute the NFTs

GitHub Activity - Spartan UI Library

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library: ⚙ Spartan Protocol Community UI Components
⚙ Spartan Protocol Community UI Components. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library development by creating an account on GitHub.

This component library has taken a bit of a back seat for now with a focus on cleaning up the existing DApp repo instead of rushing this one. Contributors can come back to this & work towards the initial plan of making it a whole component UI library (for all community DApps, not just the current one) instead of the in-between phase that it was becoming (the partial work will shift from here to a branch on the DApp repo soon for the DApp-refresh phase to continue)

Hence the below to-do list is now pointing towards what was previously meant to be the 'next stage':

To Do:

Create UI Library #00 · Issue #4 · spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library
Phase 01 - Build Basic Library: #1 #3 #2
Create Major Theme Components #01 · Issue #1 · spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library
Header Sidebar Desktop Sidebar Mobile Footer (Optional) Main/Wrapper Layout
Create General Components #02 · Issue #3 · spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library
Button Card Checkbox (Form Select) Icon Progress Bar Radio (Form Select) Spinner (Loading animation) Table Tooltip
Create Header Modules #03 · Issue #2 · spartan-protocol/spartan-ui-library
Dark/Light theme switcher Language dropdown Wallet modal Contracts dropdown

GitHub Activity - Spartan Docs

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-docs: 📑 Spartan Protocol Community Documentation
📑 Spartan Protocol Community Documentation. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-docs development by creating an account on GitHub.

Made some major progress with the new Docs repo this week. It is starting to really take shape! This week saw it expand from really just being a bit of a placeholder of general ideas about its structure, to having every section created and padded out with some info. Even some of the guides have come across.

You can visually track the progress as merge into the main branch so far here

To Do:

Need help with every section ranging from grammar/spelling to copy-content creation, to graphics, to structure, to video versions of the text guides (these would be great under each relevant section), to text guides and so on:

Issues · spartan-protocol/spartan-docs
📑 Spartan Protocol Community Documentation. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-docs development by creating an account on GitHub.

GitHub Activity - Spartan DApp

GitHub - spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2: 📱 Spartan Protocol Community DApp
📱 Spartan Protocol Community DApp. Contribute to spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

Nothing merged into the main branch this week. Primary focus appears to be on the website/landing page & documentation at the moment. We are also waiting on the new Subgraph to sync up (from almost 2 weeks ago) before we can do some optional changes.

To Do:

CHART/METRICS | Add ‘total LP units’ metric · Issue #698 · spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2
Let’s track and visually show the change in LP units both at the global level and pool level This will be a cool indicator to track general LP velocity
Liquidity Page | Add DaoVault APY · Issue #678 · spartan-protocol/SpartanProtocol-DAppV2
Add in the DaoVault APY below the pool APY like on the home/pools page

GitHub Activity - Spartan Subgraph

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-subgraph: 🏃‍♀️ Spartan Protocol Subgraph
🏃‍♀️ Spartan Protocol Subgraph. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-subgraph development by creating an account on GitHub.

Nothing merged to main branch, still waiting on the newest Subgraph to complete its sync (from almost 2 weeks ago)

GitHub Activity - Spartan Resources

GitHub - spartan-protocol/resources: 🎨 Spartan Protocol Branding & Resources
🎨 Spartan Protocol Branding & Resources. Contribute to spartan-protocol/resources development by creating an account on GitHub.

No activity in this repo for the week.

GitHub Activity - Spartan Site

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-site: 🕸 Spartan Protocol Community Website
🕸 Spartan Protocol Community Website. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-site development by creating an account on GitHub.

Nothing merged into the pending 'new-one-pager' branch this week for the new Spartan Protocol landing page / website.

To Do:

Build new landing page (one-pager) · Issue #70 · spartan-protocol/spartan-site
Phase 01: Create new branch for this phase Select a headless CMS Build header, footer and nav Create a templated section (hero -&gt; features -&gt; CTA?) Use templated section for each feature of t...

GitHub Activity - Spartan Arena Contracts

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-arena-contracts: ⚔ Spartan Arena Contracts
⚔ Spartan Arena Contracts. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-arena-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.

No public Github activity on the NFT/Gaming contracts this week.

GitHub Activity - Spartan API

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartan-api: 👩‍💻 Spartan Protocol Simple Headless API
👩‍💻 Spartan Protocol Simple Headless API. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartan-api development by creating an account on GitHub.

Quite a lot of changes to the API repo again this week, with the following changes:

  • Updated most numbered endpoints to be a simple number type instead of a string (units are already converted, so the rounding accuracy loss from using a number instead of a string is minimal)
  • V1 docs were updated
  • Added error handling and checks throughout all endpioints
  • Added a check & sort all RPCs check to reduce the chance of a broken RPC causing an endpoint to fail

GitHub Activity - Spartan Contracts

GitHub - spartan-protocol/spartanswap-contracts: 📃 Spartan Protocol Smart Contracts
📃 Spartan Protocol Smart Contracts. Contribute to spartan-protocol/spartanswap-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.

No public Github activity on the DeFi contracts this week.

Project Information

  • Website:
  • DApp:
  • Documentation:
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Community Contribution

Spartan Protocol is at its core, a community-driven and led project. In this vein, the more contributors the better. There is a great opportunity for community members to contribute by making LP reward analysis tools, etc.

Recently, community members have been graciously funnelling in to contribute to explainer articles, ideas and even $SPARTA donations to support the growth of the platform.‌

Engage with the community and contributors

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